With the onset of gradual upgrading witnessed in the lifestyle choices across segments, ULV has successfully ventured into the Food & Beverage industry and made a mark by introducing Pune to relishing experiences like none other.

Leaving no stone unturned, ULV has roped in critically acclaimed brand Farzi Café - the brainchild of master chef Zorawar Kalra followed by multi-award winning Malaka Spice in collaboration with veteran Praful Chandawarkar. The most recently introduced is Tvum, a fine-dining experience specializing in exotic delicacies from geographies of India.

Adding to its diversity, ULV is on the verge of launching a brewery that shall feature premium beer from across the globe with some original recipes. Expanding further, ULV has already commenced the development of an exotic resort destination that would feature premium specifications and amenities.

Farzi Cafe - Kalyani Nagar, Pune

The word "Farzi" can have many cannotations, but at Farzi Cafe, it has just one, "creating an illusion" with its cuisine. Focused at the gourmet diner, Farzi Cafe - Modern Indian Bistro, is best described as an experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambience. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavours and influences, it presents international dishes, where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy.

Malaka Spice - Baner, Pune

Malaka Spice, Baner is the first franchise outlet in the country. Tucked away from the hustle bustle of the vicinity, it is frequented by corporates and residents alike. It was launched in 2013 and has evolved as people's favourite dining place in Baner since then. The cozy ambience, double height terraces and airy atmosphere of the place offers a natural yet urban setting. Truly Southeast Asian style!

Tap Room - Baner, Pune

Modeled around the concept of a speakeasy, Tap Room by Malaka Spice is a pub located within Malaka Spice, Baner. It was conceptualized keeping in mind like-minded people to socialize with good music while sipping on a variety of craft beers made by some of the best local micro-breweries. The rustic interiors add to the old world charm to give the place a relaxed vibe. The pub has large windows with a beautiful panoramic view of the city skyline along with high chairs, good music and a screen for all sports fans.

Tvum - Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Literally translated, TVUM means YOU. The main motto of Tvum is to preserve our cultural and traditional values with recipes, methods and techniques that have been passed on for generations by Indian chefs and home cooks. The slow food revolution, holistic organic farming, circulating cooking oils, varied cookware, ingradient originality, varied fuel sources and the farm to fork philosophy are some of the factors that enhance the dining experience at Tvum. Regional cuisines representing the wide culinary diversity of the Indian geography and tradition are celebrated at Tvum.